Handmade bar soap from the Driftless



All Natural

Our Eco-Friendly, Science-First Approach to Soap Making

You won’t find palm oil or harsh detergents in any of our soap. Our packaging is biodegradable and all of our materials are all-natural. We believe in a science-first approach to the art of soap-making, which means that our soaps are soapier and our bombs are bombier. We don’t take shortcuts to get you clean. We test, and test, and test before we ever release a product. While our soaps are look great, we think you’ll find that they aren’t just pretty, they are everyday soaps that are good for the environment.

Fensalir at Farmers’ Markets

In-Person Pick-Up

Online orders can always be picked up at any Farmer’s Market location. Just tell us which one, and we’ll have your order ready for you.

Current Farmers’ Markets

We are currently at the following markets:

Sat, 8a – 12p: Platteville Farmers Market

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